By the time she launched her solo project Aries, Spanish musician Isabel Fernández Reviriego had already staked out a solid career for herself. She started off playing guitar and singing in punk teenage bands in her hometown, in the Basque Country. After moving to Madrid, she formed the Charades, playing a lighter brand of pop, heavily based on vocal harmonies. Also known as a composer and producer of Playstation videogames` soundtrack, touring background vocalist for Delorean, as well as for her singing on Cartoon Network’s “Adventure Time“, it was in 2011, when she started her solo career.
Then we discovered that inside her head there was a melodic, kaleidoscopic, punk and unpredictable universe. A world in which Brian Wilson –in the melodies– and Leon Tolstoi –in the law-breaking final message– could happily walk hand in hand dancing to electronic rhythms. She called this personal project Aries (her zodiac sign) and under this identity she has already produced four albums. The latest one, “Juramento Mantarraya”, released by Spanish label La Castanya and K Records, is full of beautiful melodies, seemingly convoluted but at the same time very simple, where violins and flutes are mixed with abstract sounds. Aries creates an orchestra that generates an exciting mixture of free-jazz, soul and folk rhythms, melodies from the girl groups of the 60s, sunshine pop and experimental electronics.

Aries- Juramento Mantarraya (LP. La Castanya, K Records, 2019)
Aries– Adieu or Die Remixes (EP. La Castanya, 2017)
Adieu or Die (LP. La Castanya, K Records, 2016)
Mermelada Dorada (LP. La Castanya, 2014)
La Magia Bruta (LP. BCore, 2012)

Melbits World Videogame (Melbot, 2018. PlayStation)
Stella McCartney Kids – Saturn Is Not That Far Away (Canadá, 2018)

Adventure Time (Cartoon Network)- singing voices of Princess Bubblegum, Princess Flame, The Hole, Isla Señorita, Fionna, Cake, Marcelline`s Mom, little squirrels, little sweets and many more.

Remixes for:
Ocean, 2019
Glitch Girl- Royal flush, 2019
Alondra Bentley– Beautiful Home, 2018
Somos la Herencia– Caballo, 2018

El Gran Libro de Perros. VV/AA (Blackie Books, 2018)
Un Rayo Ultravioleta. (Ediciones Chelsea, 2015)

Also sings in these albums:
Wild Honey- Torres blancas (2017)
Cabeza Fuego-
Somos droga (2017)
Fuimos nosotros  (Matapadre, 2017)
Aborigen vs Biocom (2015)
Los colegas no te olvidan (Discos Humeantes, 2015)
Los Locos Hongos-
S/T (2015)
Alberto Montero-
Puerto Príncipe (Bcore, 2014)
Alex CasanovaAntagonasia (Crispis, 2014)
The Homens-
Costa brava (2009)
Aytron Senna (Mushroom Pillow, 2009)
Atom Rhumba– Chasing the onagro (Munster, 2001)